About us

Hello and Welcome to Cultivate by MNK.

For 6 years I have operated under MNK Candle as a primary candle and soy melt business. Never feeling quite satisfied as just a candle business I prayed for a way to intertwine my hobbies, and pursuits to encompass a slower way of enjoying life while encouraging others to do the same. Cultivating beauty every day is a mindset of finding joy in all circumstances of life. It's taking each day and making the best of it, finding moments of goodness and creating something from nothing.

I have taken my God given talents and abilities and created a brand experience of Cultivating Beauty Every Day. This could include sharing a favorite recipe, gardening, growing flowers, photography, candles; anything to make your home feel more like home. It's a modern approach to homemaking, rediscovering yourself through the process of cultivating the beauty around you.

Whether it is a candle or wax melt, a simple card or photograph of nature on the wall, I want to share the things that make me happy and bring me joy. I want to take these things and share with other women so they too can cultivate beauty in their lives as well.

Welcome to Cultivate by MNK!

-Megan Kenney