Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Last year I really struggled with seasonal depression. Actually for years I have. I am an outside spirit so being cooped up all winter with no living plants, flowers, or a garden to dig in; winter can be long.

Last year I was gifted a beautiful white Amaryllis which really helped inspire me for the rebranding of the business. 

This year I bought a few plants and decided to start one at a time this winter to help carry me through these dark and dreary winter days.

My first one bloomed this week and the stunning, 6! blooms are just incredible.

It amazes me how one single bulb can hold such energy and power. It just reminds me how we are capable of doing great and beautiful things with the power of the Holy Spirit. The outside doesn't matter so much but it takes that living water of Jesus to activate us, to stir up that growth to bloom into something transformative.

Nature will always take me back to the Lord and creation will always inspire me to lean more into my faith and sharing more boldly about it.

When we link every day beauty to our creator, something amazing happens to our heart.

We worry less.

We appreciate more.

We soak up the infinite blessings each day gives us.

And it spurs us on to cultivate a little beauty everyday, no matter how little you have.

This bulb was in the garden center of a store in November for $5. Add a little water and watch the beauty unfold.

Be amazed. Be thankful. Rest in HIM.

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