New Season and New Offerings

New Season and New Offerings

How did everyone fare this winter?

Ours was strangely mild this year, but it was very dark and gloomy. To pass those dark days we have been working in the shed daily to create candles for the next seasons ahead. Not only candles but my little lady has decided she wants in on the fun and we have created a line of luxury bath salts to add to our offerings.

She LOVES anything girly and pampering; what girl doesn't to be honest. I can remember the first time my mom took me to the bath and body store and I was hooked on bath stuff and candles ever since. Scent has a huge connection to me and I guess it's stuck.

We have been working on formulating a collection of luxurious bath salts for you to enjoy.

If you don't remember last year we grew flowers and sold bouquets to help Claire with her dance costs. You'll see Claire expanding her offerings with the bath salts; she even has some brick and mortor gigs lined up.

Claire is an avid dancer and is a member of her dance competition team. She loves to dance but it's also requiring a lot more to continue this for her. So she's gotta earn her keep so to speak. By doing this we are channeling what Claire is good at, her special God given gifts and talents and cultivating a little beauty along the way while doing it.

I hope you enjoy our new products and welcome; Spring!

PS: The dahlia tubers are coming soon and it will be floral season again too, we have big plans there as well!

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