New Perspectives and New Seasons

New Perspectives and New Seasons

The new year is forging forward for many of us and while this may seem like a weird time to talk about "New Perspectives and New Seasons", it couldn't feel more appropriate for me to dive back into blogging, and pouring more into these sorts of avenues to connect with you.

Last weekend I was hacked out of my private and business Facebook accounts. I have yet to regain access and there is a part of me that just has some peace that the door must remain closed for the time.

Something like this definitely offers you a kick in the pants to get your passwords re-updated, but also is a loss, and reminder knowing how fleeting these apps are.

So I am turning my focus to even more intentional work not only in my creativity but also in my email list and this blog.

I am happy to say I still have my Instagram, cultivatebymnk and this is where I feel God asking me to do some new things.

Rewind back to January when I changed my business to Cultivate by MNK. I knew this space needed to go beyond candles but I just didn't know how it all fit together. I changed the name, and since then I have been praying, listening and trying *(trying) to be obedient in the things He is asking of me.

While trying to wrap my mind around the loss of the Facebook, a turn of a new month came.

With this new month, I feel an ushering of new perspectives and seasons. Maybe it's the birds chirping or the promise of spring; I can just feel this change working in my life.

I love welcoming new months and I have had a focus concept for the month I would share on my feed. As I was creating the graphic the words, "Blooms Bring Rebirth" came to thought. I created the graphic and shared it like I have done in the past. It wasn't much longer after I hit post, a flood of idea's came rushing through. 

The words, "Create Monthly Focus Topics and Journey Through Them" came to my mind and it was like a gateway had been created in my mind.

I am excited to announce that I will be journeying through these focus topics presented each month. I will be blogging them here, and also touching base via email once a month. On Instagram you'll find the visual concepts through my photos I share and stories I tell. I want you and me both to learn and grow from these monthly ideas.

While all of this seems incredibly scary, it's also really freeing to just dive into something I'm new at and most definitely WILL struggle with. But the call is there so I will step into it in faith, through faith.

I hope you join along and we can grow together.

Let's Cultivate Beauty Together, Friend.


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