May the Month of June Shower You with Sunshine

May the Month of June Shower You with Sunshine

June is here and the sunshine is abundant. Something we've waited so long for and here it is. Are you taking time to enjoy it?

The days are longer and there seems to be a never ending to do list outside to work on, tend to, water, or nurture.

Without sunshine nothing would grow and don't we just feel better on days where it is sunny?

One thing I want to focus on this month is not just the better weather, but the joy sunshine gives us.

It gives us that boost of serotonin, vitamin d, and also evokes feelings of peace, happiness and joy. 

Whatever happened last month, let us begin again and focus abundantly on the joy that sun provides us. May we lean a little bit more on Jesus this month to provide us that joy in Him as well. Let us pull up a chair, bask in his presence and find all the ways he showers us with his abundant sunshine.

This month I am thankful for beautiful days, nature surrounding me and the peace of Jesus that enables me to do all things!

Philippians 4:13. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

So while May may have been that planting season, we now need that abundant sunshine to shine down to establish, strengthen and glorify all things in ordinance from the Lord.

Enjoy Friends!



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