Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

I am writing this post, post the Christmas hustle and bustle. Hence it's been a few months since i've written.

Since we've put the flower beds to sleep I relaunched the candle side of the business and have been shipping, and stocking candles.

It's the season for consumerism and I will admit, I've always struggled this time of year.

By December, I am over the small business work and grind and want to savor slow days and rest.

December is important to me because it is also ADVENT and my heart wants to prepare for Jesus. NOT be working myself to exhaustion.

Most years i've hit a horrible case of crash and burn when it comes to the business by December but this year is different.

I credit God doing a big work in this space of my life by prioritizing it's place and allowing me to operate here more as a ministry and less as a business.

So I limited my work, my offerings and what I said yes to these last few months but particularly this year and I was able to take ownership back and instead of the business running me, I am able to run it in the way that is best for me.

Now Christmas is quickly approaching and I've been focusing more on my social media writings about preparing room for Jesus in our hearts and minds, and less on candles and consumerism.

I never want to be the loud voice in the room of consumerism. I want to be the giver of love and light but also the encouragement of finding rest in this season.

Wherever you are at in our Christmas planning, just know that the most important preparation is the posture of your heart this Christmas.


May you be humble, thankful, loving and giving.


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